Early Years Resources Competition Winners!!!

As you know, our children thoroughly enjoy creative activities and whereas we have many freestyle activities to encourage the children’s use of imagination, this term our Pre-school staff have been focusing on extending their technical abilities. Kaf has masterminded an on-going project, The Autumn board above, which is exceptionally creative and designed to help the children learn how to take a key idea and adapt it to reflect changing events and seasons. As you can see, we have been on a nature walk and collected sturdy twigs and conkers, having Tooting Common close by.

This board has challenged the children’s use of fine motor skills and concentration, having many interesting small components. Real twigs were used to create the tree branches and we were anticipating that the leaves might fall off- learning curve here, they just dry out! The children enjoyed making the little woodland creatures that can be spotted in many different places. Naturally, with the event of Halloween, we needed to incorporate a few pumpkins and ghosts which sit very well under the illuminated night sky. Seeings Halloween has passed the ghosts have disappeared, so now we will be stripping the leaves back whilst the children prepare snowmen and possibly icicles to hang from the bare branches- we wouldn’t be at all surprised if next month the fox decides to hang up his stocking for Father Christmas!

This brings us onto another point- storytelling. The board has been used to engage the children’s imagination by telling the tale, ‘The Lost Acorn,’ and will be used again as a platform for other literacy ideas.

We feel that not only is the board inventive and serves many purposes, it is also a good way to make the most of our resources and that ever precious component, time.

Finally, we would like to thank the company Early Years Resources for choosing our board to be the competition winner. We were thrilled to receive the news and are looking forward to receiving our prize- a fabulous hamper full of expensive creative materials!!


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