It’s Carnival Time at Toots

For the first time ever we will be celebrating the height of summer with our own on-site carnival. Staff have been busy working together creating different elements for our mini parade. The children have been involved in mask making and float decorating- when is a trike not a trike?- when it’s been decorated by a few pre-schoolers!

The children have enjoyed choosing materials and been busy painting their ‘floats.’ They are looking forward to Friday when they will parade around the nursery and garden, some in outfits provided by their parents. As part of our celebration, we will be having a special tea and enjoying some ‘side shows’- selective games.

Our staff team believe that it is really important to celebrate different cultural practices alongside the usual significant events such as Christmas, Eid and the Chinese New Year; which form a regular part of our annual planning. Carnivals have sprung up around the world, with London’s own Notting Hill Carnival being the largest in Europe. Whilst we are involving the children in a straightforward celebration, it may interest you to learn that first ever carnival was held in Trinidad in recognition of the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833. Over the years carnival has changed to quite an extent as it incorporates aspects of current musical trends, but the essence of carnival emanated from huge sound systems, many of which are positioned around the streets of Notting Hill. Clearly, the aim of carnival remains the same today as always. It is a time to celebrate life and let your hair down, having fun; which definitely a life skill we encourage our children to adopt and practice from time to time. If you are planning to go to Notting Hill this coming bank holiday have a fabulous time… we most definitely will!

Tips for a great carnival-

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