Our trips to the library


Summer has now arrived and we really enjoy taking the children out and about, familiarizing them with the local community. One of our greatest resources is Tooting Library which has become a regular destination. We feel that use of the library contributes greatly towards the children’s development and ultimately their early learning goals.

Before attending the library the children are told the purpose of their visit. This may be an opportunity to choose books for a project or to choose new stories for circle time and individual reading. On some occasions we pre-arrange a storytelling session with the librarian; which the children always enjoy.

Library visits include the walk to and from the library where they begin to learn road safety- children are encouraged to stop, look and listen which is teaching them the importance of using their senses. The children are listening for instructions in a different environment, competing with traffic noise! We also believe it is good for them to learn how to behave appropriately outside the nursery.

Once at the library children enjoy looking at books and helping select some of their favourites to bring back to the nursery. We store library books separately to keep them in good condition and hopefully they won’t get lost! Care of books is one of our key focus points and we encourage children to use them in the book areas, turn pages carefully and every so often we remind them that books with words and pictures are not to be drawn on.

Books are used frequently throughout the day in ways that suit the children’s current understanding. This is very important for group story times and for this reason we often read to small groups and individuals. We love encouraging early language and literacy skills. As you are aware, children begin by learning to recognize images, make sounds and move on to their first words. Even in Busy Bee’s we have children who have mastered these skills and can really apply their imagination, telling their own version of events. By the time they go to school many of our children recognize most letters, their names and occasionally can attempt to sound out simple words.

We would like to encourage you to take your children along to your local library and we do have some summer activities to view on the posters our librarians have kindly supplied. For more information about sessions for young children at Tooting library, follow the link. Tooting Library

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