Nursery Fees & Funding

Full time:


4 days:


3 days:


2 days:


Daily rate:

Fulltime places are slightly discounted. Minimun attendance requirement= 2 days.

5 hour session 8am-1pm/1pm-6pm:

ON REQUEST- Very limited availability


Sibling Discount: @ 12% applicable to the eldest child.

EECP 15 and 30-hour funding:  children become eligible for the universal 15-hour funding in the term following their 3rd birthday. Parents have to check their eligibility for the extra 15 hours on  and re-apply prior to each new term. Toots will be offering these as part of a package to be able to draw down the funding (Please refer to our T&C’s.) Please note that funded hours are stretched across the 51 weeks we are open and not term-time only. 

Please note: All children are required to attend a minimum of 2 days per week and sessions are rarely available.

We have 9 baby places and are heavily subscribed through to Autumn 2020. For this reason, we have currently reduced visits for new applicants who do not require a place within the next  6 months. Online registration is free and we offer places according to your requests, working down our waiting list. If you have requested fulltime or specific days and your requirements have changed we reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any point prior to receiving the deposit. Once a deposit has been received and the place reserved you will be committed to those days for a minimum of 3 months commencing from the start date.

Vouchers:  we accept all current work-related voucher schemes as well as the  Government scheme which is replacing these for new applicants. Information on these is also on the Childcare choices website.

Payment of fees: All fees are to be paid monthly, in advance, by standing order on the first of the month.


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